CIPM Ikeja Chapter Study Centre Student Registration Form

You must READ & ACCEPT the student Codes of Conduct/Terms & Conditions below before you can proceed with the Student Registration Form

Our students are the reason for establishing the centre; therefore, our students are most welcomed and held at a very high esteem. In our attempt to serve you better, the followings are expected from each student at the centre.

  1. Student must properly complete and submit the student’s registration form on-line.
  2. Make full payment of the study centre fees to our bank and submit evidence of payment for a receipt upon resumption to the study administrator.
  3. Students are required to adhere strictly to the Standard Operating procedures as may be released and communicated from time to time.
  4. Students are expected to log in to lectures regularly and at least ten minutesbefore class starts so as to be allowed in on time.
  5. Students MUST fill the attendance register that will be providedvia Google form for each class. Failure to do so will be treated as absence.
  6. Students MUST participate on every end of month test and end of diet mock exam.
  7. The centre CONDEMNS any form of immoral behavior, physical assault; intimidation etc. from either the Facilitator or the Students as such could lead to expulsion.
  8. It is COMPULSORY for every student to attend Management-Students’ meeting twice per diet. Feedback from such meeting helps us to serve you better.
  9. Students are expected to observe decorum and maintain cleanliness of the centre.
  10. Every Student MUST respect and abide by the rules and regulations of the Centre while maintaining good relationship with the Administrator.
  11. Every student MUST have up to 90% attendance to lecture, if not your complain will not be attended to after the examination.
  12. There shall be NO REFUND after payment is made, so students are advised to be sure of their availability to attend classes before proceeding to pay.
  13. Students MUST NOT share their log in details with anyone else to use. Defaulters will no longer have access to our classes and there will be no refund or deferment for such.
  14. Students are REQUIRED to log in to all classes using the name they registered with. Defaulters will not be granted access to the class and if they are allowed in error, such student will be removed without notice.
Read, Understood and pledge to abide with:

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You can download a copy of Code of Conduct HERE!

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